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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  July 4, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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can you come out tonight. >> i would be a classic even though we have to give them dance lessons richard j. jon crandall we enjoyed it. i am jamie kolbe for kelly wright. >> julie: developing out we are awaiting for two big events executive happened during this hour. president obama speaks at a special fourth of july celebration for military families on the south lawn of the white house. and the former president george w. bush taking part in another celebration in oklahoma. i am julie banderas and we are live as fox reports tonight. >> also tonight, a repressive regime raises the stakes. north korea launches a volley of ballistic missiles off its eastern coast trying to prove its military might and during the world to stand in its way. >> it is the speech that shocked the nation. >> so i choose for my state and for my family more freedom.
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i will not seek re-election as governor. >> julie: everyone wants to know why is governor sarah palin stepping down. was this your political finale or she preparing for something bigger to give. >> julie: it is an oppressive regime that starves and enslaves its own people and tonight as america celebrates independence day is sending us a message, a loud message heard loud and clear all over the world. north korea launches seven ballistic missiles from its eastern coast out over the ocean. it is a clear and blatant violation of un resolutions and the timing, july 4, is no coincidence. speculation was running rampant kim jong-il's government would find a way to use this holiday for its own ends and true to form north korea delivered on the expectations. only henneberg is live in washington.
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>> it looks like north korea has moved personnel away from the missile launch sites according to news reports suggesting the july 4 is a launches may be over. the seven missiles the communist nation did fire today, two medium range and 25 short-range scud missiles landing in and around the sea of japan between north korea and japan. one former ambassador said north korea wants to show it has the missiles and technology to launch them and so there may be a specific reason these missiles were sent into the city. >> that could be to show the south korean and u.s. navies not to get too close to north korean shores. we are tailing one north korean ship suspected of carrying weapons back to north korea and they want to want too. >> a little bit is my guess. >> bolton says with each missile launched the north koreans led by kim jong-il a more scientific and military information to help them with the next launch. it is noteworthy for number of
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these launches and provocations occur on u.s. holidays. seven missiles today on july 4, an underground nuclear test on may -- the more they enact and then back to july launched a long-range missile. experts tell fox that families test for our holidays are one reason is a quote book in the eye" to the u.s. >> julie: happy fourth of july to you, molly. >> in missiles that were fired today could not have reached the united states and they do not have nuclear capabilities. but the move was clearly provocative in the u.s. military has increased defenses around why, the states closest to north korea. whiteys civil defense director said the island state has nothing to worry about. >> our antimissile systems have hit every single target turned against them. so i think the american public should be very reassured of our
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capabilities to put that to protect a state employee. >> julie: according to a television network there are no signs of an imminent long-range missile launched from north korea. adam housley is live for us in honolulu. adam, there is a lot of military and military technology on the island specifically. how well is why he protected to keep. >> hawaii and our interests in the pacific are extremely protective. not just because the last couple days 11 missiles have been launched by north korea but in the last few years the u.s. has continued to popular cruisers and destroyers with the aegis antimissile system which we profiled on fox before which can shoot threats out of the sky. you have the xp as radar to say as radar built on old oil platform that can be moved around the region. forces have already -- always been here for the last 50 years at a significant level that had this new technology on top, light and our interests in the pacific's -- in the pacific and our allies are protected.
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>> julie: what other military resources or there. >> the navy the coast guard they do a fantastic job working with our allies in the pacific. it is not just american assets. you have south korean and japanese assets. when the two ships the united states has now with each his capabilities again the ability to shoot down missiles off the coast of north korea in international waters, and we heard today from april leadership and japan st. pete u.s. is ready and tracking everything north korea does. >> julie: adam housley live in honolulu. thank you. >> she has been a controversial figure since she first emerged on the national stage, a political maverick, if you will, who is not afraid to defy convention. a little more than 24 hours ago, sarah palin, the governor of alaska lived up to her reputation. she stepped down as governor of
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alaska at the end of the month. this has left local pundits baffled by the republican party of it rattled. she leaving politics for good or making the first moves in what will become a run for the white house? write out his heart to say but whatever happens it seems the nonconformist governor is determined to do it her way. carolyn shively is with us from washington. >> sarah palin's last day as governor is july 26. the big question, what you doing on the 27th and every day after that? she's been quiet on the topic. the democratic national committee said this continues a pattern of bizarre behavior but even some republicans are trashing the idea. senator murkowski from up alaska cent-a-gallon is abandoning the state. here's part of her announcement followed by fox contributor karl rove or had. >> you are naïve if you don't see a full-court press on the national level taking a bite right now. a good point that this is what
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she does. she drives through a full-court press, protecting the ball, keeping her head up because she needs to keep her eye on the basket tonight that's unexpected and it is also odd. listening to it when she talked about the national full-court press when she talked about the ethics investigations it sounded like she felt she was being forced out that she was running away and quitting the fight. that's never attractive to make payments to serving as a lame duck would not help the state. others say it could give her more time to travel to the lower 48 and ten political support campaign for other candidates and focus on the 2012 presidential run. number two, sean parnell will be sworn in at the governor's picnic at the end of the month. >> julie: later tonight "fox news" will reenter a special profile of governor palin. postscript ancestor unravels some of the mystique surrounding one of the nations of launched politicians and here is a preview. >> people have such a strong reaction to you right from the
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get-go. they either love you or want at you. why is that? or do you disagree that's the appearance. >> i don't know. i can't answer that. i don't know what it would be. perhaps the criticism would be whether this that i represent? certainly what i represent is out-of-the-box when you consider most conventional candidates for higher office, national office stealing governor sarah palin an american woman airs tonight at 9:00 pm eastern and also tomorrow. don't miss it. we have more of her stunning announcement coming up on "fox news sunday." tomorrow's roster of guests will include the man who will step into her shoes at the end of the month, alaska's lieutenant governor sean parnell. he'll be joined by mike huckabee and gop strategist and former white house senior adviser, karl rove. >> julie: developing on the "fox report" former nfl quarterback
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steve mcnair was found shot to do it in tennessee today. details are still coming into the fox newsroom. what we know now is the circuit for maybe body of the 36-year-old was found in an apartment in downtown nashville. the woman was also found dead along with mcnair. cops at this moment said the circumstances surrounding the deaths are not clear. but there have been outstanding career -- mcnair had an outstanding career. as a four-time pro quarterback during his teen years in the nfl. eleven of those spent with the tennessee titans which he led to the super bowl in 2000. we will continue to follow this developing story out of tennessee and bring you updates as soon as we get them mars coming up tonight as we celebrate independence day. we are waiting to hear how the remarks from two presidents, president obama is set to speak to military families on the south lawn of the white house, we have his comments live on the
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"fox report" and where waiting to hear from the man who preceded president obama in the oval office, former president george w. bush speaking tonight at fourth of july yesterday's in woodward, oklahoma. we will bring you some of his rumors as well. >> julie: it has been closed to the public since the attacks of 9/11 but that ended today as america celebrates its independence or did they deliver tv opening her crown but wait until you hear how many people get to up there. talk about exclusive. >> my name is sergeant savannah mangold i am here and camp on steel going through a course about ready to go on air assault mission. i would like to give a shout out to my family back home, happy fourth of july, i love you, miss you much and we'll see you soon. i just don't feel young when my skin looks old.
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>> julie: there is a fifth victim and gaffney south carolina were a killer is on the loose. we're told a 50-year-old girl wounded in a shooting that killed her father on thursday has died from her injuries. authorities released a sketch of the suspect. the county says every available officer will work this holiday weekend and is urging folks and gaffney to take percussions such as quite often groups instead of alone. the city has been threatened before like this. back in 1968 the gaffney strangler it was called killed four women over ten days. the man responsible was caught later stabbed to death while in jail. >> julie: for michigan families are thankful to have their husbands and fathers from on this fourth of july weekend. for fishermen were missing for
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almost 24 hours after the 19-foot sailboat capsized on lake erie. the families reported them missing when they did not come home. last night the coast guard found the man clinging to their boat in the western part of lake erie 35 miles from detroit. all four are suffering from hypothermia but are expected to be okay. >> julie: they may be the luckiest people in all of new york city or did about 250 men and women holding tickets that allow them to climb all the way up to the crown of the statue of liberty. it reopened today for the first time since 9/11. the statue is closed to the public after the attacks on september 11. the base pedestal and outdoor observation deck were reopened in 2004 but the crowd remained off-limits until today. demand for the tickets has been very high. in fact they sold out for this holiday weekend in just a few hours. more angle is live on ellis
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island here in new york. we're going to work on getting her audio. let's get that fixed folks because we want to hear what she has to say. we will get back to her when we can. >> thousands of new americans sworn in as citizens today on our nations 233rd birthday. in the big apple folks gathered to take their oath of allegiance to the base of the statue of liberty. nearly a dozen members of the military were sworn in and after becoming citizens they climbed all the way to the top of lady liberty's newly reopened crown. at mount vernon george washington's former home in washington others took the oath and colonial style. friends and family members looked on as folks from dozens of other countries officially joined our union. >> vice president ivan is in iraq we have more on that but moving on will go into this. vice president died in iraq this july 4, producers are testing me
7:16 pm
today, spending time with his son and other american troops but that's not all he was doing. a look at the special location who presided over possible check in with the soldiers at camp war eagle and baghdad to also have special duties on this july 4. >> on cpl. brian shipley out of baghdad iraq i want to wish my friends and family back home happy fourth of july to miss you all adults use them. @@nó
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>> julie: stories like that make you got to be an american. a humble hero who received the military's highest honor, joe foss, we just met was in the u.s. supreme court, a captain. in the u.s. marine corps reserves when he engaged in almost daily combat with japanese fighters" will come out in the city. in the space of six weeks in 1942 the 27-year-old ace shot down 23 and the aircraft and damaged many others. as you just heard he didn't measure the success of his mission by the number of targets he took out, he just wanted to get back to base and one piece area for outstanding heroism and kurds above and beyond the call of duty, captain joe foss received the medal of honor. he stayed in the military after the war retiring rookie rank of brigadier general and u.s. air
7:21 pm
force but his career was far from over. he went on to become the governor of south dakota, the first president of the american football league, and a president of the national rifle association. joe foss was laid to rest in arlington national cemetery in 2003. this fourth of july we salute this true american hero. >> julie: we had a little trouble with the auto earlier, so we will try again. we're going back to bar angle light on ellis island. we all want to hear what you have to say. happy fourth. >> hi, julie, happy fourth of july to you and of course we're broadcasting live on ellis island where there has been a tremendous celebration here today and right behind me at liberty island where of course we have talked about the statue of liberty and the reopening of the crown. it has been shut down for years, shortly after the september 11 attacks. today it was unveiled and those lucky enough to get to the top,
7:22 pm
only 250 who have bought tickets ahead of time, really had to be member because that's 354 steps to the top and did you hear about the marriage proposal? it happened today up at the top inside at the crown it took a lot of planning according to the future groom. the newly engaged couple have this tremendous tape that happened today, cheered on the soccer that accompanied them to the crown. only groups of ten people at a time. this uncertainty set on ellis island and people are ready for the big fireworks display. i want to bring you back your life i'm joined by the family would have robin meyers and lori herman with your children. you are here today have been around here what's it been like to be here on the fourth of july. >> the weather has been amazing. and just being -- were driven out vernon, interesting close to home and having a real vacation, it feels amazing. we look forward to the fireworks. we have played scrabble, at
7:23 pm
picnics, we have napped on the lawn it has been amazing to write what you think about this fourth of july being near the statue of liberty. >> it's really great, feeling that you are independent and free and just watch the fireworks and lay down and be with your family heard it is really great. >> are nice. that's what it's all about. send a thank you julie and also tied to julie banderas snack happy fourth of july. >> julie: they are the cutest family ever. how do you find these people to do every time you do a live report you find the greatest families. they are adorable. very well spoken little girl by the way. >> they're everywhere here today and all across america want a little girl i think she is precious. thank you so on holiday addresses today from president obama and senator mccain in his weekly radio and youtube address the president urges americans to put in place throughout american and social reforms saying the
7:24 pm
united states faces many challenges including two wars, a deep recession and rising healthcare costs. president obama says now is the time to face those challenges in equity to some same spirit that inhabited independence hall 233 years ago today. that's how this generation of americans will make its mark on history. that's how we will make the most of this extraordinary moment. that's how we will write the next great chapter in the great american story. >> julie: senator mccain used part of the weekly republican address to send a message to people in iran who feel cheated by their country's recent presidential election. >> the world must never doubt where we stand in the liberation struggles of our time. we stand with those who risk the anger of tyrants and their lives for the proposition that just government is derived from the consent of the governed. that all people are entitled to equal justice under the law. >> julie: the country's second
7:25 pm
in command still in iraq, as president by then spending the fourth with soldiers there. including his son, beau, who belongs to the signal brigade from delaware. the vice president also presiding over a naturalization ceremony for 237 u.s. troops 59 different countries. this harmonic taking place at one of saddam hussein's overpasses now known as camp victory on the western outskirts of baghdad. his trip coming the same week the u.s. troops handed over security in urban areas to iraqis and one group of soldiers today are involved in that operation and our money will express the story tonight two mac camp were eagle is one of the bases on the outside of baghdad. it is hard soldiers and a lot of equipment and machinery has americans had to leave bases inside the cities by june 30. rival company of the 25e or left a small outpost in sadr city bus and two weeks ago. they're working through the
7:26 pm
holiday weekend making sure their new housing has electricity directly. but if we stop working guys will be in the heat. once the air conditioners get put in, i soldiers are comparable, we will celebrate afterwards to make a quick reaction force ran a drill through camp. there goal is to hit the road in moments bricked into emergencies turn back you never know what what it could be. even down here get ready get in the truck's get yourself geared up to make the team responded after two sophisticated attacks last week where one american soldier lost his legs and another must is like. >> this may not be a workout bullets but it's one of bombs and one of politics. it is still very brutal here. i soldiers work 24 hours a day seven days a week to ensure they provide safety for americans at home. >> some soldiers blocked the steam of a holiday run a traditional barbecue and a rowdy hotdog eating contest. first lieutenant stephen baggett crush the competition that just
7:27 pm
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you shall not to my family and friends back home. my mom and dad little sister and my wife. i can't wait to get home give you a big hug and have a few drinks. i can't wait to get back home. by. >> julie: just reminder, folks, we're waiting to hear from president obama. he is set to deliver independence remarks that the white house any minute. we will bring them to you as they come in. also, former president george w. bush will speak in oklahoma and we will bring you his remarks as well later this hour. stay tuned for that. it is the bottom of the hour time for the top of the news. while federal agents investigate michael jackson step hundreds of thousands are trying to win a
7:31 pm
chance to get into jackson's memorial service being held on tuesday. more than 1 million people have signed up for a ticket drawing online. the deadline to register is 6:00 o'clock pacific time tonight. that's 9:00 o'clock eastern. so you still have about 90 minutes if you want to sign up but your odds of winning are slim. apply to you. only 17,500 tickets are available and tomorrow all the winners will know who they are. casey's single is live at the staples center in los angeles where the memorial will take place. >> hi, julie, putting your vacation request, about one 1/2 hours left for you to sign up on what could be the event of a lifetime. in fact the website that people are signing up for to get these tickets received so much traffic some reports of 140,000 hits a second. a second. can you believe that? so much traffic that an
7:32 pm
additional server at the added to compensate for the extra traffic. lots of people have flocked to this website. we are hearing anywhere from 500,000 two 1,000,000 people could show up for this event. as you were saying only 17,500 tickets are available. some for the lack of oil, some for a simulcast that will happen next or at the nokia theater. fans are registering on the website. the marlins will be drawn at random by computer and the winners notified. be advised that city officials are giving people who don't score a spot right simply, stay at home. the. >> distress to those people who are coming or thinking about coming to our city for this special event, that you might want to consider watching this from the comfort of your own home. without a ticket, your very best option would be for viewing and experiencing the service commemorating the life of this
7:33 pm
extraordinary individual from your home. >> meantime, jackson's family is due in court on monday where a judge is expected to rule on who gets temporary custody of the estate valued at more than $500 million. the other issue is jackson's three children. his mother catherine has been named guardian in a well and diana ross listed as a backup. it is still not clear whether debbie row the biological mother of the two oldest children will in fact see custody. according to scheduled for july 14. the last item we still have not forgotten about, the official cause of death on the king of pop has not been determined yet. we are awaiting the toxicology reports to determine what prescription medications michael jackson would have been on at the time and how much he was taking. sue and thank you for reporting live for us tonight, casey stable syndicate was his home and refuge from drilling
7:34 pm
landscape wants to a fully stocked zoo. it was the place of michael jackson went to hide from the rest of the world. tonight we are going inside. dan springer takes us on a tour of the king of pop's former home. the gates are being thrown open at the neverland ranch said that jackson's inspiration for the landscaping for the grounds was disneyland. you can see that in all the flower beds and all the wonderful waterfalls that he installed at all times. but he also uses place for work. in fact we are told he used a natural birds nest in the middle of this oak tree to write the entire lyrics for the album dangerous. we are not in michael jackson's first floor bedroom. you can see there is a fireplace. this is where the bed was right here. it has two separate bathroom lines. one over hear, full closet and bathroom. as you come over hear you can see what it looked out on as he was in his bedroom, the
7:35 pm
beautiful grounds, the springs the pond, and then another bathroom weighing over hear. this looks like this was definitely the one that was michael's. it has elaborate fixtures. look at the time. look at the spot on the top. absolutely beautiful with a swan had. and then another closet on the side, again fully cedar closet. with cabinets appear, lots of space for storage, and then we come to what we believe to be that secret closet that everyone talks about, where michael jackson kept all of his prized possessions, again behind in the cedar and as you can see, three dead bolt locks to keep it secure. sue and that was dan springer reporting. >> a sandstorm is a major city in the dust and thousands flocked to get a look at their zoo's latest prize a new baby panda as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> anglin: a deadly fire at a high-rise apartment building in
7:36 pm
london. six people including a three-week-old baby killed and more than one dozen were treated for injuries. firefighters rescued 30 people from the flames. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> india: nearly 100,000 people take refuge on an island in one of the countries largest rivers after days of monsoon rains sent waves of water rushing to their homes. we are told the flooding caused the river to breach a massive and bank met and now forecasters predict more wet weather to come. >> iraq: a near blackout in baghdad when a sandstorm like it's the city. folks on the streets wearing surgical masks to stop from breathing in the sand. we are told sandstorm's regularly blow through the area. >> thailand: thousands head to the zoo to get their first glimpse of a new baby panda. it's birth six weeks ago to
7:37 pm
pursue workers by surprise. they apparently tried all sorts of things to help a mother can that get pregnant including showing her video of other pandas mating. a competition to name the popular cup drew more than half 1 million entries. and that's a wrap on this box truck around the world in 80 seconds. >> an update on the u.s. soldier photographed fighting the taliban in his pink boxer shorts. ibrahim? specialist zachary boyd said he jumped up from a nap when his unit came under fire in afghanistan in may. there he is with his pink boxers and did not want to waste time putting on his full uniform. of course he did not -- he did have on hand his helmet and bulletproof vest, thank god. saccharine is back home in fort worth, texas now, and said his boxers are set to be displayed in the first integer division using them and fort riley kansas. great story. >> julie: put their lives on the
7:38 pm
line everyday and the freedoms we enjoy at home are guaranteed by fights overseas. but some brave men and women in uniform are willing to redouble their sacrifice for america. we go to afghanistan to see how the renewed commitment is in his version to us all. what's in a triscuit?
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to receive gunfire then i heard some tanks, rocket launcher and got out in front of it i got one from bob and of course there was stuck there. i looked to see if they work when the demand and i found my platoon guide put someone on my back and armstrong over my arm and i took them down where they would be in a safe position. >> julie: those were the words of american hero, van barfoot, received the medal of honor for his actions on may 23, 1944 during a battle near a town in italy. he found his platoon pinned down under enemy fire so he went off
7:43 pm
on his own and took out two in the chain gun nests single-handedly. when he approached a third gun and placement the german soldiers inside give themselves up. while clearing the rest of the area it took a total of 17 prisoners. he wasn't done yet or did later that day he blew up the leading tank and a german counterattack with a single shot from a zoo. on his way back to his platoon he dragged to fellow wounded soldiers nearly 2000 yards to safety. to ban bar foot and our men and women in uniform tonight, we say thank you. >> don't forget, folks, we're waiting to hear from president obama. he will deliver independence day remarks at the white house tonight. we expect those comments any minute now we bring them to you as soon as they come in. also former president george w. bush speaking tonight at festivities in oklahoma. we bring you some of his remarks as well later this hour. sad news out of afghanistan, two american soldiers killed in attack on a air force base.
7:44 pm
taliban fighters fired rockets and mortar shells and a battle lasting more than two hours. four other soldiers were also injured. it happened hundreds of miles from where rains continued a major offensive in the southern part of the country. spirit not two president obama and his independence day marks. >> i'm proud to have you hear on the fourth of july, and we are humbled to be joined here by heroes. men and women who went beyond the call of duty in battle risking their lives so that others might live. true to form, they, like all of you, said they were just doing their job. that's what makes you the best. that's why we sincerely want to say thank you, two each and everyone of you for your extraordinary service to our country. we are joined in that sentiment by ice present joe biden bluesman immuno is marking independence day with troops in
7:45 pm
iraq and joe biden was spending it with military families in germany. i should say there was one girl in particular was just thrilled all of you are here, and that is melina obama because this happens to be her birthday as well. [ applause ] >> when she was younger, used to say that all these fireworks were for horror -- were for her. i am not sure that she still buys that but i -- even if his backyard is a little bit unique, are gathering tonight is not so different from gatherings taking place all across the country in parks and fields and backyards all across america. in small towns and big cities folks are firing up girls, laughing with family and friends, and laying on a blanket in preparation for the egg show. they are preventing the simple, unmistakable joys, of being an american. but i suspect they're also
7:46 pm
taking time to reflect on the unique nature of what it means to be an american. to give thanks for the extraordinary blessings that we enjoy. to celebrate and uphold the ideas and values that have invigorated and sustained this democracy and made it the lasting beacon for all of the world. just imagine, the extraordinary audacity it took 233 years ago for a group of patriots to cast off the title of subject for citizen and put ideas to paper that were as simple as they were revolutionary. that we are equal area that we are free to we can pursue our full measure of happiness and make of our lives but we will. in retrospect it seems inevitable but i think it is fair to say that even the framers of that declaration, especially the framers of that declaration, would be astonished to see the results of their improv of the experiment. a nation of commerce that led
7:47 pm
future revolutions in industry and information. a nation of discovery that blazed a trail west. toured disease and put a man on the moon. a nation of progress that strives perpetually to protect itself. a nation of hope that is again and again inspired people the world over to reach for the same freedoms we hold so dear. and in each and every moment, generations of brave and selfless men and women like those standing alongside me, have descended those freedoms and served our country with honor. waging wars that we might know peace. breding hardship so it might not opportunity. and sometimes paying the ultimate price so that we might know freedom. you are the latest, strongest link in that unbroken chain that stretches back to the continental army. you are the heirs of that legacy. the proud men and women who strain to hold together a young
7:48 pm
union. who rolled back the creeping tide of tyranny. who stood post through a long twilight struggle who have taken on the terror and extremism that threatens world stability area because of your great efforts, marca troops this week transferred control of all iraqi citizens and towns to iraq's government to iraqi security forces. because of what you did. [ applause ] >> because the courage and capability and commitment of every single american who has served in iraq a sovereign and united iraq is taking control of its own destiny. iraq's future now rests in the hands of its own people. this extraordinary account of schmidt as that is, we know this transition won't be without problems. we know there will be difficult days ahead. that's why we will remain a strong partner to the iraqi
7:49 pm
people on behalf of their security and prosperity. i want to say this to all of you. you have done everything that has been asked of you. the united states of america is proud of you. i am proud to be your commander-in-chief. as for this fourth of july i renew my pledge to each and every one of you, that first long as i have that immeasurable honor, you will always have the equipment and support you need to get the job done. your families will always be a priority if of michelle and mike and remained on deck in our hearts and our minds. and when our servicemembers to return home, it will be to an america that always welcome some home with the care that they were promised. it is after all of your service, the service of generations of soldiers and sailors, airmen, marines and coast guardsmen, that makes our annual celebration of this day possible. it is your service that proves that our founding ideals remain just as powerful and alive in
7:50 pm
our third century as a nation as they did on that first fourth of july. and it is your service that guarantees that united states of america shall forever remain the last best hope on earth. so happy fourth of july, everybody. right now the green band will pay tribute to your service with a few songs that i think you know. [ applause ]
7:51 pm
♪ >> courtney: they have president obama, his wife and the two girls celebrating the fourth of july in style with his independent state remarks. former president george w. bush is also celebrating in style. he is in woodward, oklahoma, celebrating this independence day in true american cowboy fashion. is the american speaker at the today but freedom ring 2009 festival. the rodeo themed event stars country music performers, tucker and sawyer brown at present which is the main draw tonight. some folks paying as much as $500 to hear the former commander-in-chief deliver a 40 minute speech. here's just a bit of it. listen. >> it is a pleasure for laura and me to be here in woodward, oklahoma.
7:52 pm
[ applause ] >> is nice of you to give a retired guy something to do. my only regret is that i missed the turtle races. and the way i've been moving lightly, i probably should have been an entry. as you can see i'm traveling with some pretty good company. [ applause ] >> julie: there you have it. a former president, a current president, wishing everybody a happy fourth of july. we'll be right back with much more on how everyone progresses country is celebrating this special independence day. stay right there. specially formulated to promote hairball control and healthy weight. friskies indoor wet cat food.
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group of dermatologists and created a wrinkle protocol that gives you the results of the leading wrinkle prescription brand, without a prescription. olay professional pro-x. this is a guarantee you're guaranteed to love. gave you a little hint of president george w. bush in woodward, oklahoma even has independence day remarks. now here is a little more. [ applause ] >> one of the great blessings of our time in washington -- my time in washington was that laura on my side. she brought a lot of common sense, a lot of decency, she brought good old western values to the white house. i love her dearly. [ applause ]
7:56 pm
>> i do want to thank all those who helped to renovate the crystal beach park. it is a beautiful place. i want to congratulate you for your hard work or it is the 80th anniversary of this park, and speaking about 80th anniversary is we celebrated some 80s in my family. recently, my mother, you may have heard, underwent a heart operation in which they put it big battle in her heart. that's why she's eating a lot of corn. then of course there is sky king. the skydiver. i told him -- i told him today i was coming to woodward for the fourth of july, he's got a lot of friends in this part of the world, as do i. so on behalf of the entire bush family, happy independence day. [ applause ]
7:57 pm
>> i want to thank landen for inviting me and laura. didn't get introduced by too many people with overheads on what i was the president. but it is good to make me feel at home. i want to thank the mayor and all the city council folks who are helping to make this welcome so kind. i do want to say something about the congressman frank lucas, because the river big frank. he is not here. it turns out his daughters getting married today. and so frank, you got yourself an excused absence. i think all the good people here understand. i want to thank all the local officials. i do want to thank these citizens from buffalo, or fargo or fort supply, can jerk mutual, borland plainview and how about freedom, oklahoma. [ applause ]
7:58 pm
>> what a great place to spend four july. >> julie: tonight from coast to coast we celebrate america's birthday. though some cities just could not wait. i just love fireworks. st. louis, one of the several places that set off their fireworks last night. red bank, new jersey, also having an impressive display last night. they did not want to compete with the massive display in the city this evening which is set to get underway around 9:20 pm eastern time and the crowds are already running the hudson river. the show will include more than 40,000 fireworks. usually it's on the east river, this time it's on the west river. maybe i will tweak some pictures for all of you sitting at home. >> understand history, in 1884,
7:59 pm
it is history 101 that this is the day 233 years ago we officially declared our independence, but you may not know it is also the day the people of france resented to america what would become our enduring symbol of freedom. the statue of liberty, the copper clad lady was delivered to the u.s. ambassador in paris to mark the upcoming centennial of the original independence and to symbolize our friendship and france a bond forged during the revolution. arrived in new york harbor a year later in almost 200 crates. after months of construction that was unveiled to the world in october of 1886. a beacon of freedom and hope given to us 125 years ago today. a beautiful sight. spec now you know the news as fox reports this saturday, july 4, 2009. i am julie banderas.


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